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The Key to Succeeding with Your Mobile Marketing? Be Boring

What to do to make it in mobile? Think big? Is sensational? Unnecessary. Boredom can sometimes lead you to the outcome you’re after. The word “boring” does not mean “simple”. Simplicity has been widely discussed in mobile marketing arena for a few years now with experts like Eric Ries (author of Lean Startup) suggesting mobile apps should be created around a single idea and allow real users to perform a task in the best possible way. However, when I say “boring”, I mean sticking to familiar patterns and not obsessing over innovation. woman lying on sofa with mobile device in hand Listed below are “boring” tasks and patterns that mobile marketers can follow for real mobile success. Get into ASO Grit App Store Optimization (ASO) is one of the simplest, most boring techniques you can implement to enhance your apps. Good ASO is achieved by daily optimization and A/B testing, which really doesn’t require too much creativity or innovation. Daily ASO maintenance requires the following:

  • Link building: contact bloggers, leave comments on forum topics and pursue anything that will get a link to your application in an online publication
  • Keep up with the competition: how often they release app updates, make changes in app description, keywords, categories, etc.
  • A/B testing: testing different creative materials weekly
  • Notes from user reviews: learn from negative reviews and make the right changes in the product to prevent future reviews, and also respond to reviews positive and negative rates to create interaction on the app page

While becoming an ASO expert requires a certain level of expertise, once you get there, daily maintenance gets a bit boring. However, these “boring” tasks are the ones that lead to great results – dramatically increasing your app’s rankings and, as a result, increasing organic downloads. Stick to familiar patterns When it comes to the app itself, sometimes boredom will keep you from losing users. There are certain focal points in an app’s process where users often feel like their security or privacy is being compromised and decide to quit the app. Such focal points include the sign-up or sign-up phase, social connectivity, and mobile payments. Sticking to familiar patterns in such cases can increase the reliability of your application and make users feel that they are in good hands, thus making it easier for them to participate in the process.

Another area that is better for app developers is gestures. Double-tap, swipe right or drag down is already second nature for users. More and more applications are using the same gesture to provide users with an intuitive and friendly interface. Therefore, innovation when it comes to gestures can actually be extremely negative as creating new habits for users is nearly impossible. Boring creativity or boring creativity? Creative materials in mobile marketing space is a bit limited. Copywriting’s job is to capture the user’s attention while still presenting information that is accurate and within the limits of the text. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to tell the entire story of an app in one sentence, and while it requires creativity to come up with words to include in that sentence, the ads that often work are the ones that do. same pattern – a question and/or a call to action. Breaking from the mold like that hardly guarantees a successful campaign. When it comes to creative visuals, it’s better not to let it get boring. We really learned a valuable lesson at Moburst, from running an A/B test for one of our clients. The test consisted of one version of the ad with a collage and one that included a single photo. Ads that include only a single photo give much better results showing that boring images are better for mobile marketing.

Terms “mobile marketing “strategy” sounds big and complicated, but it was interesting to see that when we focused on certain techniques, we discovered that the simple techniques were the ones that got the results right. value.

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