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Specialized’s Globe Haul LT is a long-tail cargo bike with big schlep appeal

Specialized announced the second e-bike from its resurrected Globe brand, the Haul LT, a long-tailed (the “LT” in the name) cargo bike with fat tires, a sturdy aluminum frame, and a $3,500 price tag.

A quick recap: in 2022, Specialized announced it was bringing back its defunct Globe logo for a lineup of heavy-duty e-bikes that could carry a ton of stuff but wouldn’t break the bank. The first, the Haul ST, went on sale earlier this year and instantly won accolades for its utility, ride quality, and whimsical design.

A Class 3 e-bike with a 700-watt rear-hub motor and 772-watt-hour battery, the Haul LT looks every bit the Haul ST’s successor. Design-wise, the two bikes are nearly indistinguishable, aside from the extended rear rack. Specialized kept everything that worked about the Haul ST and just stretched it.


So let’s start there. The 31-inch rack (twice the length of the Haul ST) is MIK-compatible, meaning it can easily support a wide variety of one-click, easy-to-attach panniers and bags. The Haul LT’s rack has also been updated to 176 lbs (80kg) max weight capacity — which places it among the top tier of cargo bike carriers. And with Specialized’s wide variety of new accessories, there are countless ways to customize your bike for maximum potential.

The possibilities don’t stop with the rear rack. Rails mounted to either side of the front wheel can also support a wide variety of panniers, including Specialized’s custom open-top, hard-shell “Coolcaves.” Specialized says you can fit up to six bags on the Haul LT — or up to three passengers.

The 20-inch x 3.5-inch “Carless Whisper” fat tires are designed to keep the weight low for improved stability. Having ridden the Haul ST for many months now, I can attest to this. With a low 20-inch step-through height, the Haul LT’s frame should be very approachable and user-friendly.


Overall, the Haul LT is rated for 441 lbs (200kg) of cargo, rider included. And an extra-wide center kickstand should help make loading and unloading your bike safe and easy. Foot pegs and running boards can be tacked on, depending on who’s riding with you.

In terms of power, the Haul LT should have ample amounts. The 772Wh battery should provide enough juice for up to 60 miles of riding, depending on your style of riding. Riding in the top level of pedal assist, of which there are five, will drain the battery faster than riding in a lower setting. 

The Haul LT is sold as a Class 3 throttle-less e-bike with a top speed of 28mph. If you miss having a little bit of help, though, you can buy a plug-in throttle for $50 from Specialized. When used, it will power the bike to 20mph from the throttle only, and the 28mph maximum pedal-assisted speed limit still applies. Riders can install the throttle themselves, or a Specialized retailer can do it for them, which can be activated by using Specialized’s Globe smartphone app.

Specialized offers a lifetime warranty on the frame and a two-year warranty on the powertrain, including the motor and battery. With a vast network of dealers and licensed service centers, the company claims its customer service is superior to many of the direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands that are dominating the e-bike market.

To complement the new addition to the Globe family, Specialized is also introducing a host of new accessories, including adjustable cargo rails, side bags, chain locks, wheel covers, and a passenger kit. Specialized knows that the right accessories can often make or break the ownership experience, so it’s bringing its decades of experience in outfitting bike owners to the mix.

Overall, the Haul LT looks to be a welcome entrant to the cargo e-bike market, which has been absolutely booming in recent years. From DTC brands to legacy companies, everyone is starting to realize the vast potential for cargo bikes to replace car trips for many people. States recognize this and are offering vouchers and subsidies for interested e-bike owners. And as more brands pile into the space, the potential for great deals is enormous.

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