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Putting Peak Design’s Capture Camera Clip to the test

Predicting the right moment to grab your camera for the perfect shot can be quite tricky. Having the ability to easily access your gear whenever you need is incredibly beneficial to capturing those unique moments that make for truly great still images.

Peak Design’s Capture Camera Clip is a secure, convenient and accessible way to carry your camera anywhere you go. The Capture camera clip is an incredibly small, strong and lightweight attachment to help any photographer — from adventure to photojournalism — capture the moment when it happens. With the click of a button, you can now easily access your set-up faster than ever before.

Equipped with the Sony A7RV I took Peak Design’s Capture Camera Clip for the ultimate field test on a seven-day trek to climb Kilimanjaro, guided by Kilisa tours.

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Keep reading to find how the Capture Camera Clip held up in a long-distance, high attitude trek to Uhuru Peak.

Specifications and features:

Top view of Peak Design’s Capture Camera Clip Credit: Peak Design
  • Strap or belt compatibility: Width: Up to 6.35cm Thickness: Up to 2.20cm
  • Thumbscrews and hex-head clamping belt mounting
  • Weight: Clip: 70g, Plate: 14g, Total: 84g
  • Quick release button
  • Safety/security lock
  • Rust resistant aluminium build.
  • Strength rating of 90kg
  • Anti slip pad


The Capture Camera Clip is a useful tool, particularly for adventure photography. The ability to quickly and easily attach cameras to bags and/or belts and other connections in a variety of ways accommodates for both comfort and adaptability with shooting needs.

Not having the strain of a camera neck strap increased my mobility and flexibility when it came to capturing unique moments along the trek route, particularly when it came to fast portrait moments.

A porter rests while we ascend into Shira 1 camp. Porters carry loads up to 15kg up the route. Credit: Nicholas Gane

Without having my camera set up securely fastened and easily accessible on my camera bag, capturing these portrait moments would have been more difficult and most likely missed.

Captured at Barranco camp where teams of porters and climbers rest and prepare for Barranco Wall. Credit: Nicholas Gane

Faced with hands-on climbing during the trek at sites such as the Barranco wall makes it incredibly difficult to have a neck strap for camera access. The Capture Camera Clip allowed me to have access to my camera and didn’t disrupt my climbing ability, making it a valuable tool to capture the tougher moments while on trek.

Tough build quality

The Capture Camera Clip’s overall construction is incredibly robust and took on the harsh conditions of the Kilimanjaro trek very well. Throughout the route we were faced with many instances of harsh weather including high wind, rain, muddy conditions, hail and extreme cold weather. The rust resistant aluminium build is perfect for the weather conditions experienced.

The top of Uhuru Peak at 5,895m above sea level reaching temperatures between -7C to -29C. Credit: Nicholas Gane

The quick release button functionality worked flawlessly even when in the colder temperatures of Uhuru peak reaching -25C.

Strong and small

Although being quite lightweight and small, the Capture Camera Clip is strong and can carry heavier mirrorless set-ups such as the Sony A7RV with the Zeiss Batis 85mm F1.8 no problem. The clip’s strength rating of 90kg gave me total confidence throughout the trek.

The security lock of the Capture Camera Clip is also a great feature as it prevents potential slipping accidents while concentrating on the task at hand. Cameras can be left attached to your bag without concerns of stability and safety from slipping out.

Mawenzi Peak captured from Barafu Camp, sitting at over 5000m above sea level. Mawenzi towers above the alpine desert plains. Credit: Nicholas Gane

Smart design and ease of use

The smart and versatile body design of Peak Design’s Capture Camera Clip. Credit: Peak Design

The Capture Camera Clip is easy to assemble and reassemble on camera bags. Depending on the adventure, photographers can easily adjust the clip’s attachment position on the go for access ease or comfort with a variety of positions to choose from. Having this ability is great for longer-term treks as when the camera is attached in certain positions, for example, if it’s on the shoulder for extended periods of time, it can lead to slight discomfort and soreness.

On the way to Barafu Camp at 4,644m while on the Kilimanjaro Lemosho route. Credit: Nicholas Gane

Final thoughts

Peak Design’s Capture Camera Clip is a great kit addition for adventure and even photojournalism shooters. The capture clip allows photographers to keep their cameras out in the field and not stowed away in a camera bag, so getting those unique shots is easier than ever.

Having the best gear doesn’t automatically mean great images, but having the gear out at the right moment will truly increase the odds of capturing those unique and eye grabbing moments while adventuring.

Peak Design’s Capture Camera Clip can be purchased at all leading camera stories or Peak Design’s online store.

Note: All test images have undergone post-processing edits.

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