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PC games start at just $1 in Steam’s spring sale

You’d think most gamers would have indulged enough over the long winter season that they wouldn’t want to spend the first moments of spring doing the same, but rainy days are still a thing, yeah? And the grind never truly stops for many of us. That’s why I can appreciate the Steam spring sale, happening now through March 21st. It happens around this time every year and offers up to 90 percent off thousands of titles. You can find deals on game-of-the-year-worthy titles like Baldur’s Gate 3 for $53.99 ($6 off), for example, while Diablo IV is 50 percent off no matter which version you buy, whether it’s the base game going for $34.99 or the Ultimate Edition for $49.99.

It’s also a great chance to check out older titles you may have passed on, such as Cyberpunk 2077 (50 percent off, down to $29.99) or Far Cry 6 for $14.99 ($45 off). There are tons of cult classics, indie hits, and other low-key titles on sale starting at just $1, too, like the undying Left 4 Dead 2. We’re not seeing any discounts on the Steam Deck or any of the VR headsets in Steam’s hardware store, unfortunately, but be sure to explore more games from the sale if you’re looking for something new to play.

Screenshot from Baldur’s Gate 3 featuring the githyanki warrior Lae’zelScreenshot from Baldur’s Gate 3 featuring the githyanki warrior Lae’zel

Baldur’s Gate 3

$6010% off

Larian Studios’ Baldur’s Gate 3 is a massive RPG that’s akin to playing a digital version of Dungeons & Dragons, either on your own or with a party of friends in co-op. The critically acclaimed hit game of 2023 features turn-based combat and an in-depth, dynamic story that adapts to the player’s actions.

$54 at Steam
Screenshot from Diablo IV featuring a top-down view of a dark dungeon with a bubbling flesh monster, spectral enemies, and a tongue of fire emanating from a monster.Screenshot from Diablo IV featuring a top-down view of a dark dungeon with a bubbling flesh monster, spectral enemies, and a tongue of fire emanating from a monster.

Cyberpunk 2077

$6050% off

CD Projekt Red’s much-anticipated Cyberpunk 2077 released in fall 2020. Following a disastrous launch, the team has updated the game several times to improve performance and fix bugs. Recently, patch 1.5 added content and updated the game for improved performance on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Read our review.

$30 at Steam

Considering Apple has officially signaled the M1 MacBook Air’s death knell, Walmart’s latest sale on the outgoing model feels like a last call. The retailer is offloading the 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD MacBook Air with M1 for $699, which is $300 off compared to its original price and $50 cheaper than the $749 it’s often gone for toward the end of its retail run. It’s a new all-time low price, which we predicted would happen, but perhaps not this soon.

Although it’s discontinued, the M1 Air is still getting support and can still serve as a perfectly capable laptop for someone dipping their toes into the MacBook waters for the first time, or perhaps to replace an aging Intel-based model. It’s up to most basic school, work, and browsing tasks for those with lighter needs who would benefit from the long battery life (up to 18 hours) and power efficiency afforded by the Apple-made chipset. I’ve even found this memory-starved model capable of lightweight 4K video editing, photo editing, and other creative tasks.

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The MacBook Air is the most impressive laptop I’ve used in yearsThe MacBook Air is the most impressive laptop I’ve used in years

2020 MacBook Air with M1 (256GB)

$99930% off

The MacBook Air is Apple’s entry-level laptop, which comes outfitted with the company’s M1 chip in one of three different colors (silver, space gray, and gold). Read our review.

$699 at Walmart$799 at B&H Photo$999 at Best Buy

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A few more ways to save

  • The keyboard has become something of a fashion statement on the modern desk, and 8Bitdo’s wireless retro mechanical keyboard — down to $84.99 ($15 off) at Amazon — offers a distinct look resembling a Super Nintendo for those who favor a nostalgic aesthetic. The tenkeyless board offers both 2.4GHz and Bluetooth wireless connectivity options (in addition to wired), an integrated volume knob, and ships with two oversized buttons that you can program to execute your favorite macros and other custom functions. The hot-swappable PCB allows you to switch out the Kailh Box V2 switches with ease, too.
  • If you own a Samsung Galaxy smartphone and you need an alternative to AirTags, it’s worth considering a four-pack of Galaxy SmartTag2 trackers. Samsung has it down to $74.99 ($25 off). Similar to Apple’s version, SmartTag2 uses Bluetooth ultra-wideband for pinpoint compass-guided directions to your lost items. That functionality requires a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, S21 Plus and Ultra or newer, or a Galaxy Z Fold 2 and newer, although you can use any Samsung phone with SmartThings Find to track down the last known location. The battery can last up to 500 days and up to 40 percent longer in a low-power state, Samsung says, and the trackers can survive a bit of rain or dust with IP67 protection.
  • A favorite of The Verge’s Allison Johnson, the Breville Barista Express is an attractive and versatile espresso machine that Amazon, Best Buy, and Williams Sonoma have down to $559.99 right now ($140 off). It grinds its own beans at whichever consistency you desire and has an integrated microfoaming milk frother, both helping to make delectable cups of the good stuff with a presentation that will make you forget all about those expensive Starbies runs. It’s also easy to clean and maintain, says Allison, whether you’re using its self-cleaning option or opening it up for a deep scrub.
  • If you’re looking for a flagship-rivaling smartphone that simply does exactly what you need it to, we see nothing wrong with the OnePlus 12R. It’s already a great value at $499.99 for the unlocked 128GB storage model, and both Amazon and Best Buy are throwing in a $100 gift card to sweeten the deal. We wish it had wireless charging and more substantial ingress protection compared to midrange contemporaries from Samsung and Google. Otherwise, it’s hard to find a smartphone at this price with its display quality and size (the 6.78-inch, 1080p display has a 120Hz variable refresh rate), not to mention its respectable photography potential and the strong processing power of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. Read our review.


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