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Nearly half of UK workers would use AI to help write CVs and cover letters, research suggests

Nearly half of UK workers would use ChatGPT to help them write their CVs and cover letters, research suggests.

The survey by cybersecurity firm Kaspersky showed 42% thought OpenAI’s popular chatbot could improve or refine their portfolios and help them stand out from the competition.

Earlier this year, one business owner admitted his recruitment team had unwittingly recommended it for a job interview after it was used to complete an application task.

Kaspersky’s survey also revealed 58% of workers are using generative AI tools to save time in the office, for example by summarising meetings and long documents.

Such features are being baked directly into common workplace apps like Microsoft’s Outlook and Teams.

But 40% of people said they do not check the AI’s output before using it and only a third said they do, despite the technology’s well-established potential to get things wrong.

‘You need to be careful’

Kaspersky said the results, from a survey of 1,000 full-time employees, showed how important it was for job seekers and employers alike to get to grips with increasingly accessible AI.

Principal security researcher David Emm warned: “Job seekers need to be careful when using ChatGPT as, while it could help them land that dream job in the short term, their attempts to stretch the truth could lead to issues.

“As for employers, be careful not to let a flashy CV or cover note fool you – run checks, and put candidates through their paces at the hiring stage so you aren’t left disappointed.”

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Mr Emm also urged companies to educate their workers on data protection to prevent confidential or sensitive information from being shared with chatbots, which rely on users feeding them questions and requests to improve.

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It comes after a separate survey by education tech firm RM Technology found two-thirds of teachers believe they are regularly receiving work written by AI.

Around one in 10 admitted they can’t tell the difference, and a third said the government needs to police its use.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will host a global summit on AI regulation later this year.



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