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My Insights from MAU is Vegas

Unlocked Mobile App aka MAU is held in Vegas and we are proud sponsors. We’ve walked the exhibition halls, talked to people and joined the forums, and we have some insights for you!


Perhaps the biggest theme of industry discussion. Many 3rd party tools have been introduced to the market, in addition to the solutions already provided by traditional MMPs. The panel on this topic points to the fact that there is no industry standard for Fraud, which confuses advertisers and frustrates publishers, as they are flagged for legitimate advertising (eg. : Digital Turbine, a network that offers pre-installation on new equipment purchased on major Telco providers, flagged for having too many new devices when it’s practically all they have) .


ASO is still a buzzword, however no longer the new kid on the block. Still cool though. Many applications are doing some ASO, however there is a lot of uncertainty about what exactly it consists of. Luckily, our kids read the title of the book “Missing Little Apps” which helped clarify what ASO is.

Vehicle automation

Present future. Advertisers lose the ability to control and manipulate campaigns, which makes advertising more important and dominant than ever. To successfully place UAC and scale, ads must be broken down into assets, which are the building blocks for an ad. UAC then mixes and matches the different assets to find the combination that works best

The same trend is happening on Facebook as well, as their automation gets better (e.g. Automatic Placements), advertisers can rely more on their algorithm to find the right place and time for the ad. The challenge is to have the right message, i.e. create, and show it to the right users, i.e. target audience. Facebook also offers new and enhanced tools to divide and A/B testing different elements of advertising and targeting.

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Beyond Google and Facebook

A direct consequence of G&F’s dominance was the disappearance and consolidation of ad networks, especially smaller ones. As advertisers become more sophisticated and data-driven, the industry is going down the funnel and the CPA payment model for advertising becomes a more common phenomenon. Overall, the industry is maturing, advertisers are getting more savvy and know what they want, so tools have become more sophisticated and standards have been raised. we are the game



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