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More than Friends: Google’s “Mobile Friendly” Algorithm Calls for Mobile Experts

mobile charts Ever since Google first announced the upcoming changes to its algorithm, the tech industry has been obsessed with the concept of “mobile-friendly”. April 21 has been nicknamed “Mobilegeddon,” and aside from stocking up on canned food, everyone is preparing for the worst. But how to best prepare? Perhaps those of us who like to be mobile aren’t the most objective people around, but focusing on mobile-friendly websites can really turn out to be a positive change for those of us. players correct their cards. That’s not to say there isn’t good reason to worry. Websites to this day treat their mobile entity as a copy-paste version of their website, best get ready for big changes or a big boost in rankings. But that would be true even without Google’s announcement. Mobile users consume a lot of information using their smartphones and have become quite picky in choosing mobile websites. It’s safe to assume that sites can’t have poor visibility on mobile devices, and many have experienced declines in retention rates, traffic, and sales. So while reducing search visibility has always been a big deal, mobile users didn’t wait for Google to take the lead and started punishing unoptimized mobile sites long ago. Google’s decision is another sign that mobile is more than just a free platform for the web. If anything, the change in data consumption suggests another way. Brands that are just starting to embrace mobile reality (where have you been?!?) should realize that Google’s announcement is just the beginning and that the best (or worst) is yet to come. Now, why is that a good thing? Because in difficulty there will be opportunity. Brands have just been given a great reason to update their mobile strategy or create one in some cases. If a particular brand is worried because their mobile strategy isn’t serious enough, the solution isn’t to follow the steps and make a new mobile-friendly cut. This will only buy them time, and not much. What brands need to do is adopt a forward thinking approach that embraces mobile on all fronts. If their marketing budget treats mobile the same way as their website design, brands have lost money. This is not only the time to update the website but also the time to adjust the attitude. A forward-thinking mobile strategy leaves the algorithm mobile-friendly. It concerns the future of mobile search – not the present. For starters, brands should take a look at what mobile-oriented startups are doing and learn a few tricks. Understanding mobile means using the device’s capabilities in terms of personalization, retargeting, and UX. It opens up a world of data and new channels for brands to reach users. Instead of turning their website into a mobile-friendly platform, brands should make it a really smart platform – Google wants you to make the mobile experience pleasant , but is that all you want for your brand? mobile data Surprisingly, even mobile startups can run into trouble as April 21 begins. People who run an excellent mobile site, but rely on other underperforming mobile sites as part of their ASO link-building efforts, will experience a reduction. in-app ratings. The way to prepare for Google’s changes is to re-examine yourself, as well as the sites with which your brand collaborates in any way. Last but not least, everyone should start looking at the future of mobile search. For example, deep linking should be on every app developer’s menu because it’s about to change the way apps communicate with each other and with users. Brands that operate without an app should promote themselves through sophisticated mobile campaigns and allow potential customers to enjoy the mobile experience to the fullest. The value of mobile phones to any brand is no longer news, but the ways to achieve that value are always changing. Right now is the perfect time to clean up your mobile strategy from all the ignorant decisions you’ve made so far. Instead of getting ready for the mobile apocalypse, get your brand ready for a leap forward. You can send a thank you email to Google later. In the meantime – keep calm and optimize.

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