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Meta announces its Quest 3 VR headset, which will cost $499.99

Meta has officially announced its VR Quest 3 headset in a Mark Zuckerberg Instagram post.

The headphones will launch this fall in a 128GB version priced at $499.99 plus “additional storage options for those who want more storage” for an unspecified price. Compared to its predecessor, the Quest 2, the Quest 3’s design is lighter and more comfortable, with a “40 percent thinner optical profile” (not counting its foam-faced interface), while the Snapdragon chip New inside has twice the graphics performance .

Side-by-side view of both the Meta Quest 2 and Quest 3 headphones reveals the slimmer design of the new version.
Meta’s Quest 2 (left) and Quest 3 (right) VR headsets
Image: Meta

It is also compatible with Quest 2 games, which is good because the old headset is still around but at a lower price point that is very familiar. Meta says that starting June 4, Quest 2 will be $100 off to $299.99 for the 128GB version, while the 256GB version will be $80 off from $429.99. $349.99 left. That undoes last year’s price hike on the base model and makes the version with the extra memory cheaper than before.

If you’re interested in Mission 3 instead, you can sign up here for more information.

Additionally, an upcoming software update for Meta’s more expensive Quest 2 and Quest Pro will boost their CPU and GPU performance and enable Dynamic Resolution Scaling.

This comes just days before Apple is expected to announce the long-rumored mixed reality headset and before the introduction of Meta’s VR platform games begins later in the day. today at 1 p.m. ET. Meta says it will have an AAA adventure title to show there, and promises more details during its annual Meta Connect event scheduled for September 27.

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Close-up image of the Meta Quest 3 handheld controller, with a thumbstick, two buttons at the top, and a trigger.
Quest 3 Touch Pro Controller
Image: Meta

We’ve got a pretty good idea of ​​how Quest 3 will evolve after Mark Gurman’s Bloomberg detailed his hands-on experience with the as-yet-unannounced device earlier this week, reporting on a lighter and more comfortable design that adds new sensors and engineered controls again.

The video clearly shows three new sensor areas on the front of the device that most clearly distinguish it from previous versions, as well as the headband. Gurman describes that the pill-shaped areas contain four cameras that are split evenly between the left and right sides — two of which are full-color cameras and two standard cameras — and that a single depth sensor in the middle can improve the image quality. improve the headset’s AR performance.

We also see new Touch Plus controllers with TruTouch haptics “for an experience you can feel” without the old rings they used to have for location tracking. This announcement doesn’t go into detail about the sensor setup, but the depth sensor will work with the controller, and Meta’s confirmed hand tracking will be supported immediately this time around. .

The image shows the Quest 3 at the bottom facing up, with the internals floating in layers from the case to some sensors and the outer front shell at the top.
Quest 3 explodes views
Image: Meta

Adjusted June 1, 12:35 p.m. ET: The previous version of this post said Mission 3 is 40% lighter than Mission 2. In fact, it is 40%”thinner optical profile” compared to its predecessor. We are very sorry.



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