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Lynx pits itself against fine fragrance category as it looks to fill ‘huge gap’ in the market

Lynx is positioning itself against the fine fragrances category in a new campaign released today (8 April).

‘The Fine Fragrance’ campaign represents a “substantial” £15m investment behind the Unilever-owned brand as it launches a new collection designed to fill a “void” in the existing fragrance market.

The campaign is led by a TV advert, ‘Fine Fragrance Mall’, which features rap artist Lil Baby and pits Lynx directly against premium competitors.

The ad features Lil Baby asking the audience if they “want to smell premium” and ends with the line: “Smell finer than the finest fragrances.”

Speaking to Marketing Week about the launch of Lynx’s new fragrance range last month, Unilever general manager of deodorants for the UK and Ireland, Monique Rossi said the company noticed a clear demand from young men for a new fragrance type.

“It was apparent to us that there was a huge gap in the market to offer a premium fragrance that is accessible and inclusive,” she said.

The Unilever-owned brand carried out research that found 74% of UK males do not think there are affordable fine fragrance options.

The advert smashes through the stuffiness of traditional perfumery brands.

Josh Plimmer, Lynx

A younger Gen Z man is Lynx’s primary target audience, Rossi said, with the brand “evolving” its strategy to reach that consumer in its advertising.

The new ad, featuring young rapper Lil Baby, is part of this play. But while premium perfume and aftershave ads tend to include dramatic sequences and feature well-known fashion models, this tone is very different.

“The advert smashes through the stuffiness of traditional perfumery brands and partnering with rap icon Lil Baby helps us match the energy and sense of adventure that Lynx fans crave,” says Lynx marketing manager Josh Plimmer.

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Speaking to Marketing Week, Rossi noted that the brand was looking to activate in the spaces and channels its target consumer spends time in.

The Fine Fragrance campaign will see Lynx partner with wider talent including YouTubers The Beta Squad and other Gen-Z influencers who will feature across social and digital campaigns on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat.

Rossi indicated Lynx is willing to challenge any misguided perceptions about the brand head-on with this new collection and indeed with this new campaign.

“We know some people may hold outdated perceptions and success for us with this new collection would be to see these fragrances become the go-to for Gen Z,” she said.



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