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Lynx on mission to ‘redefine’ premium with Gen Z push

Source: Lynx on X

Lynx is looking to democratise fine fragrance and challenge “outdated” brand perceptions after identifying a fresh opportunity to target its chosen Gen Z demographic.

During research the Unilever-owned brand found 74% of UK males do not think there is an affordable solution to their fine fragrance needs. Further market research into Gen Z consumers found 80% of young men are using fragrances on a daily basis, often spending £60 or more on products.

With affordability being one of the brand’s key selling points, Lynx claims it “felt natural” to introduce a range catering to that unmet need. 

“It was apparent to us that there was a huge gap in the market to offer a premium fragrance that is accessible and inclusive,” says Unilever general manager of deodorants for the UK and Ireland, Monique Rossi.

We know some people may hold outdated perceptions, and success for us with this new collection would be to see these fragrances become the go-to for Gen Z.

Monique Rossi, Lynx

Cue the new Lynx Black Vanilla, part of a nascent fine fragrance collection from the brand officially launched today (20 March). According to Unilever, blind tests found the £5 fragrance was favoured by 74% of men when compared to Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille, priced at £294.

“The new range predominantly targets this young, Gen Z guy and, over the years, we have evolved our marketing strategy greatly to be able to speak to and truly resonate with our key target audience,” says Rossi.

“We have positioned ourselves to the Gen Z male, but our ultimate goal is to give every guy a boost.”

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Challenging ‘outdated’ notions

Unilever hopes that the new range will shift perceptions of the Lynx brand, as well as shifting product in greater volumes, as young men fear they will miss out on the chance of smelling better.

“This is a chance for us to create that FOMO around our products, offering consumers a product that we know truly stands up against some of the world’s most prestigious brands,” says Rossi.

“We know some people may hold outdated perceptions, and success for us with this new collection would be to see these fragrances become the go-to for Gen Z.”

The launch campaign for Lynx Black Vanilla saw an initially unbranded scented billboard unveiled on London’s Southbank for consumers to interact with. The marketing strategy is expanding to cover a national outdoor campaign, live from today, followed by TV, BVOD and cinema from April.

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“We will continue to target Gen Z, and show up authentically through activating in Gen Z spaces including Twitch, YouTube and on social platforms such as TikTok, Meta and Snapchat, where we know our guys spend their time,” says Rossi.

“We will also be activating experiential sampling at key Gen Z cultural events such as festivals and using strategic PR.”

From a value perspective, Lynx currently scores 5.6 on YouGov’s BrandIndex, notching up a higher score of 9.4 for quality. When it comes to consideration, the brand registers a score of 15.7 on BrandIndex and a purchase intent score of 4.3. Lynx’s overall score on BrandIndex registers at 8.9.

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By comparison, competitor in the male skincare space Bulldog has a value score of 6 and a quality score of 7.8, with an overall index value of 7.



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