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Is Your App Christmas-Ready?

It’s that time of year, folks. By now, we assume that like everyone else, you’ve been busy preparing for the holidays. Crazy shopping season is upon us and all the stats point in one direction – it’s about to get crazier than ever. The wave of launches flooding everything ensures that mobile will appear on almost every shopping list and Santa’s sleigh will be loaded with new iPads and iPhones.

For all the app developers out there, this means business and more. Because the first thing people will do with their brand new iPhone, Android, and tablet (oh my!) is install a lot of new apps. So if you want your app to be on their wish list – here is your holiday checklist:

1. Save date: If you are preparing for Christmas day – you have a problem. The most important dates are indeed Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, and since online research for these events has already been conducted, now is the time. Everything on this list is effective immediately.

This also means that if you’re working on a new app, it needs to launch in a timely manner. The same goes for any new feature, version, or rebranding process for existing apps. Please note that lovely Apple employees will have a well-deserved holiday, which means your app review must be completed. In previous seasons, many developers were locked out of the Appstore for that reason. Don’t be one of them this year.

2. Get in the spirit of the holiday: While marketing your app for the Holidays is certainly more than just Santa hats everywhere – the little hats are still a big part of it. Creating a new holiday-themed design for your app is crucial. So decorate the halls and make your app beautiful for Christmas.

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Not only should the visual aspect be modified to fit the holiday atmosphere, but the message should also be festive. The aggressive promotional campaigns we think you’re running right now (and the great sales that come with them), must be aimed at the Millions of shoppers out there looking for a Christmas gift. great students or eagerly spend their iTunes gift cards on great gifts. new application.

Allowing potential users to download your app starts with the most important process for app developers: ASO. App store optimization. In order for customers to like your new design, they must first find your app in the Appstore. Change keywords to match current search results and make sure your app doesn’t get lost in the crowd.

3. New year, new features: Recent launches also mean that there will be many new features that your app is ready to use. If you have a great app but it’s still a bit buggy on your iPhone 6 – that’s not good. Another great reason to put new features to good use is if you want your users to show off your new mobile capabilities to their friends and prove they use your app.

Most importantly: For new features, retailers should pay special attention to mobile payment revolution. Apple Pay and Google Wallet are the main features for you, and if you find a unique, fun way to incorporate them into your app, you might even get some PR from there.

We hope this short but intense list helps you get the job done. You are in luck to be part of one of the most exciting and lucrative times in mobile marketing. Developers who have to launch their products in a slower time would love to be where you are right now, trust us. So let’s get to work and we hope Santa brings you loads of new users!

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