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Incrementality In Media Buy / Remarketing

The surge in media buying and remarketing has received a lot of press and with good reason. There are several advantages when it comes to incrementality, many of which we will discuss in this post.

Mobile KPI forms

Let’s start with the different types of KPIs when it comes to mobile marketing campaigns first. CPM used to be the dominant metric, although this has been superseded by CPC, CPI, CPA, ROAS and now incremental.

What is increase?

Incremental testing, also known as “Increased Modeling”, “Incremental Sales Growth” and their versions, is an experiment that looks at the impact of a single variable on behavior of the user. Typically, this type of test compares two groups that have seen two different types of advertising – like medical experiments where a “control” group receives a placebo and a group actually receives the drug or therapy being tried. experience. In the case of mobile marketing, one audience will see branded ads and one audience will see no ads at all (this is the control group). Incremental difference, or “gain,” is simply the difference between two categories. It seeks to isolate the effects of a particular campaign on overall sales, with numerous benefits, of course:

  • Understand what works and what doesn’t
  • Focus on the winner
  • The ability to properly test and continuously optimize
  • Use resources wisely (money, time, etc.)

For example, take the users of an online retail store who browsed through, added items to their cart and then left the site without completing the purchase. With incremental testing, these users will be divided into two groups: one of these will see retargeting ads and the other will not. If the retargeted group continues to have a 20% conversion rate, while the untargeted group only has a 5% conversion rate, the “gain” or incremental difference is 15%. That campaign had a 15% increase in sales. However, if done correctly, incremental testing and measuring the success of your mobile campaigns can be a big plus and a key factor in your success. Friend.

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What is increase?

Incremental testing and evaluation should not be confused with A/B testing, although this is a subset of this test. Like Quantcast put it, “AB Testing is a general term that includes Incremental Testing. In the world of online advertising, the AB Test can be used to test creative treatments, email subject lines, Calls to Action (CTA) or websites. For comparison, the Incremental Test focuses on the increase in key purchasing metrics, as measured by conversion rate (CVR).” For nut and bolt calculations when testing lift and rise, MeansMath provide some in-depth explanations.

KPIs under review

Every part of your mobile marketing campaign needs consideration, planning, and consideration. While most people pay special attention to this when building their campaigns, it’s equally important to put effort into tracking, measuring, and optimizing your campaigns. The incremental method is a phenomenal way to see exactly what’s working and what’s not, and keeps you away from some of the more “nothing” metrics – allowing you to meet and exceed your business goals mine.



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