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How to Choose an App Name?

idea for an app name One of the most common questions when building apps is – how do I choose an app name? Should it be attractive? Meaningful? Search engine optimized? Does it really matter? Yes, it does! After your icon, the app name is the first thing users see when searching the app store. Your app name should be relevant and reflect its functionality, striking a good balance between keywords and branding. Just like your app idea, your name should be unique, and choosing the right name is a technique in itself. Step 1, Identify the main audience and purpose of the application One of the first steps in choosing an app name is identifying your audience and the main purpose of your app. It will lay the groundwork for creating the perfect name, tone, and message you want to convey. You want to visualize people talking about your app, so the name should be easy to hear and leave a good impression on those who hear it. For example, an app name for a financial entrepreneur or celebrity group will have different tones and appeal to the audience in a different way. So take the time to make sure it’s easy to pronounce and communicate, especially if you plan to go global. Also, you want your app name to grow with your brand. You may also want to choose an app name that can explain its functionality over time. If you have a text-only translation app, but foresee the evolution of images, voice, and video, it’s best not to name your app “Text Translator.” But don’t underestimate your product, you want to choose a name that represents the true value of your app.

Step 2, Market and Keyword Research Next, do thorough keyword research and sort keywords based on relevance, difficulty, competition, and search volume. Also, check out similar apps for inspiration and see how their names evoke emotions from audiences. See if there are any current trends like Spotify, Gamify, Shopify, etc. However, make sure your app is one-of-a-kind. Use a search engine and see if your app name is used elsewhere on the web. Just because it’s not in the app store, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. You want your brand to be unique, especially as you will be marketing this app through multiple media and PR channels. Also, iOS won’t let you use another app that’s already in the Apple Store, so if you choose to copy, your suggestion will be rejected. Step 3, Create and work with keywords It’s important to know that titles and keyword lists in the Apple App Store carry the most weight, so use them as descriptive anchor points. For Google Play, keywords in app names often rank higher than keywords from other sources. To avoid keyword stuffing, iOS apps can only have 50 characters for app names, and Google Play allows 30 characters. Therefore, get creative with your keywords and come up with something unique and branded. Example: Instant + Telegram = Instagram! These creative ideas drive free and organic traffic to your app, so use them! Your app name will act as a green light for search engines. What about the PicDish app? As the name suggests, this app is designed for amateur food photographers who explore the world through local food. Is the application name related to its main purpose and function? Correct. In a nutshell, application name generation is a key point of the ASO process. These tips can help steer you in the right direction and get your mind spinning. We wish you the best of luck!

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