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How to Bend Apple’s Video Preview Rules and Live to Tell the Tale

This post was originally published on VentureBeat. how to bend apple rules preview video Among the many new and exciting features brought to us by iOS 8, app developers and marketers are especially excited about our ability to show potential users a video preview of their app. Surname. A 15-30 second trailer can show off the wonders of your product in the clearest, most exciting way, and this feature is well on its way to becoming a must-have mobile marketing activity. But even with the new flexible spirit of iOS 8, Apple is still Apple, which means every new feature comes with new instructions. The company introduced a series of recommendations for making a great video and some other restrictive rules that marketers must follow in order for their precious video to be approved. The restrictions are few and painful. In summary, mobile marketers face challenges mainly due to the following limitations:

  1. “Do not film people interacting with the device (such as an over-the-shoulder or finger-touching view of the screen). Stay in the app”
  2. “For games, show a higher ratio of gameplay to cutscenes.”

In this new, uncharted territory, most app marketers are still hesitant about bending the rules, especially considering the financial investment that a suitable video requires. However, we have recently seen some brave applications that have managed to get a rebel video approved, despite all the difficulties and guidelines: Magisto: The preview of this video editing app was shot completely outside of the app. Not only that, it also clearly shows the prohibition of finger typing which was specifically mentioned in the manual (Note: the link below shows a portion of the full-length app ad that was used to generate the official preview). Lovoo: like Magisto, this dating app used footage outside of the app throughout the preview. Also, the last few seconds of rendering real-world video material have little, if any, relevance to the actual application. Samba: Preview for a video messaging app that captures people’s reactions in real time. In addition to shooting the scene outside the device and the touch of a finger, which we are almost all familiar with at this point, the video shows a scene of a person sitting at a desk, calmly violating the restriction on filming similar people. interact with the application. What’s even more interesting is that the initial ad for the app (embedded below) shows longer interactive footage, which makes us wonder if the company decided to cut it short in an attempt to make the original version of the game even more interesting. preview is a little more acceptable. Dance party: This is the most daring breach we’ve ever seen. This dance app preview presents real-world footage of people embarrassingly interacting with the app. It’s not yet clear how the preview was approved, as it barely shows any action in the app. iHookup: To the credit of the preview makers, the way they bend the rules is pretty romantic. In addition to the famous cartoon finger, the movie also has a lot of sweet dating scenes. Let’s face it though, that’s not exactly why users install iHookup in the first place, is it? Max Ax – Epic Adventure: It’s a pretty cool video, and we can see why Apple chose to ignore it showing a lot of cut scenes. The official video (full duration promo shown below) presents very little game time and mostly consists of cute, external animation. After carefully examining the app previews available at the moment, we can notice a pattern: Apple seems to turn a blind eye to videos that don’t follow the guidelines at all. While this may have been the case of a reviewer in a very good mood, it’s also possible that Apple found enforcing the rules impossible, or even pointless. Either way, there are a lot of mobile marketers and developers out there who want to take advantage of this opportunity and create a unique, innovative preview.

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