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How to Achieve Better User Engagement: The Life Cycle of a Mobile App User

Ever wondered what’s different between users who downloaded your app but ended up leaving and those who became active, engaged users? The following post will introduce industry labels for four types of users. These labels not only explain the entire user lifecycle, but can also help any app developer and marketer take a closer look at what’s preventing inactive users from becoming active and ultimately get better results together User commitment price. shutter_306697112 newbie Newcomers are users who installed your app, took a moment to check it out, and left. This could indicate that while your media campaign was successful in attracting users, mistakes can occur in the application implementation phase causing the exact opposite. The gap between Newcomers and the next group of passersby is the focal point that causes many users to quit the app. So how can you avoid that? The perfect referral process is a great way to engage users and take them to the next stage. For the sake of simplicity, keep the number of referral steps to a minimum and don’t ask for access to information you don’t really need at the moment (you can request it later when the need arises). ).

passers The only difference between passerby and newbie is that apart from signing up and testing the app, the passerby has already tested the app once or twice and has a basic knowledge of its contents. So what’s stopping you from achieving better results? User commitment? For each application, it is own; But overall, there are three factors that often keep users coming back: fear of missing out (FOMO), a sense of competition, and a basic need that needs to be effectively met. If your app seems to be losing users, find a way to implement one of these elements to enhance their experience. Engagement Interactive users are at the peak of their “life”. They have become regular users and have accumulated many positive experiences. They love the app and tell their friends about it, and they don’t think twice before hitting “OK” when asked to share it via their social profiles. Naturally, your goal as an app marketer is to do everything necessary to exploit these whales. Whether it’s sending relevant push notifications and marketing messages or asking to recommend the app to your friends (thus saving you marketing money) – your main focus should be on preventing them from falling into the category. our next inactive user. You should also direct your app’s marketing team to target an audience segment that closely resembles these engaged users in terms of interests, location, gender, age, etc. The fact that they possess similar characteristics show that they are also capable of being active and therefore motivated User commitment price. Lying quietly An inactive user is a user who hasn’t used the app for a while. The most common reasons why users are inactive are competition (other apps appeal to them more) or the sad fact that they’re simply not interested in the app anymore. This is where push notifications come in handy. If your users “fall asleep,” try waking them up by sending them a push notification that highlights one of the three factors mentioned above: FOMO, competition, and an answer to demand. For example, if the app is a social app, you can remind them that they’re missing out on their friends’ activities. If it’s a mobile game – let them know that other users are beating their scores and if it’s a utility app – ask why they aren’t using it frequent.

Understanding user behavior on a deeper level is the single most important step app marketers should take to succeed in tapping into active users and engaging more. The lifecycle of each app user will ultimately form the lifecycle of your mobile startup, so make sure you pay attention to each group and provide the right solution for it.

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