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Google leaks Pixel 8 Pro again with a 360-degree preview

If you had any remaining questions about what the Pixel 8 Pro looks like, Google is here to answer them. The company has put online a 360-degree simulator that lets you turn the device over back to front and top to bottom, with helpful indicators pointing out where various sensors and ports are located. The simulator shows the phone in three colors and confirms that the Pixel 8 Pro will be getting a new temperature sensor on the back beside the cameras.

The simulator was spotted by José Rubén and highlighted by Mishaal Rahman, who both posted about it on X. Google doesn’t appear to have published a link to the website — but all you have to do is plug the new phone’s name into the URL of Google’s other Pixel simulators, and the new phone appears. Presumably it went online early, and someone found it while poking around.

A composite of images from Google’s Pixel 8 Pro simulator.
A composite of images from Google’s Pixel 8 Pro simulator.
Images: Google

The simulator doesn’t include specific specs, so there’s still more room for Pixel leaks over the coming month. And the simulator for the standard Pixel 8 doesn’t appear to be online yet.

Google’s mockups show the Pixel 8 Pro retaining a SIM card slot. The phone is shown in three colors: a pale blue, a sandy “porcelain,” and black. There don’t appear to be any major software changes on the home screen — the mockups all show Google’s favorite color-matching widgets and the traditional “at a glance” widget.

Fun fact: this is the 500th time Google has leaked the Pixel 8 Pro just this week. It previously leaked a photo of the phone in porcelain and a demo video explaining its temperature sensor. The company announced plans to launch the new phones with an event on October 4th.

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Here’s a bunch of screenshots of the simulator showing all the different feature highlights and color options from different angles:




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