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Get on the Right Track: Why You MUST Track Your App Performance

Application performance monitoring tool Having an app seems to be the “cool” thing to do these days, which is why so many brands rush to launch an app just for the sake of having an app without defining the purpose of the app. It. The developers don’t even know how the app is intended to impact their target audience or boost their business. This leads to another common problem – developers don’t track application performancebecause when you don’t have a clear goal, you won’t need to check if you’re on track to achieve it. There are several aspects and components of your app that you should regularly monitor to stay ahead of the game and ensure that your app continues to advance your business goals: ASO ASO (App Store optimization) is often overlooked by app developers, because it is a new field and because many people are simply not familiar with it and don’t know its importance. Everyone tracks their App Store ratings because it’s the simplest thing to do. But it’s time for more developers to realize that they should dig deeper and really influence these rankings. This is extremely important and even detrimental to the success of any application. You will be surprised to know that 60% of App Store visitors will proceed to download an app after searching. If your app doesn’t rank there, chances are it won’t go unnoticed. It is extremely important to constantly check if the screenshots, images and text in your app store, present your app in the best possible way, and whether the keywords in the description Is your app helping you move up the App Store rankings? You always want the words in your app description to tap into what your target audience typically searches for in the App Store so your app shows up right when they’re searching. Target audiences and keywords change over time, so it’s important to continuously monitor these changes and optimize your descriptions regularly. Product Many application performance tracking systems exist, but not enough developers are using them, and even if they are, they may not be tracking the right things. Furthermore, even when the right things are being tracked, not enough people know what to do with the data and how to solve the problem in the best possible way. Application tracking systems allow developers to collect a variety of data that helps them learn more about their users. For example, at what point the user decides to leave the app, after how long, how much time they spend on each screen, what icons they tried to click but couldn’t be clicked, etc. But the real thing What matters is not what you find, but the changes you decide to make in your application based on these findings. For example, if you see multiple users trying to click an unclickable icon – this is a feature waiting to be invented. Or for example, if you see a point where most users leave the app, this is definitely something you should consider.

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The bottom line is that if you don’t use a tracking system, you can overlook many problems that can be easily solved. The end goal is for you to know where you want your users to go and figure out the smoothest, most enjoyable way to get them there. Media campaign Another aspect that you must always keep an eye on is your online advertising campaign. These days, the social giants out there allow for extremely specific targeting so advertisers can create personalized content tailored to each target audience. However, personalization isn’t always enough – you have to go through trial and error to make sure that your personalized ads are indeed correctly personalized. Tracking and using statistics and analytics from your various advertising platforms can allow you to understand how your audience is reacting to your message, driving new ones. messages are working well and prevent others from performing poorly. In short, just one application is not enough. You should set a goal for it and check if you are on track to achieve it by tracking application performance.

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