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Food for Thought: Six Mobile Advertising Targeting Options We’d Like to See on Facebook

Since launching “Ads on Facebook” in 2008, Facebook has become an advertising empire that provides marketers with valuable user data to create targeted media campaigns and Highly personalized.


Earlier this year, Facebook announced that advertisers can now use its user data to target consumers outside of Facebook and recommend mobile advertising to its ad exchange network. The announcement indicates that now, more than ever, Facebook is backing advertisers and has put all its efforts into Phone advertising arena. These groundbreaking updates are sure to bring loads of Phone advertising ability. We’ve put together a list of targeting options that we’d like to make a reality: Tell me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are If a lot of your close friends are using a certain app, chances are you’ll want to join the party. The data was collected because the network tracks users who choose to download apps through Facebook ads. It’s time for Facebook to harness that data and turn it into a marketing tool, allowing advertisers to target potential users with an ad that says five of their friends have used the app. . This is especially interesting for advertisers promoting apps that require a large user base to be successful. Messaging apps, such as Rounds and Whatsapp, should absolutely use that data for marketing. It’s not just the location Placement is indeed one of the first targeting options available to advertisers on Facebook, but what does it take to take it to the next level? Knowing where your target audience is can also indicate what major events are happening in the area. This kind of information can lead to the next level of marketing you’re after. For example, we’ve all been like this – you walk out of a concert and the streets are packed with people trying to get a cab. A taxi app could target these concert-goers with ads and even include a quote from a song performed at the concert, tapping into both the individual’s needs and preferences. audiences. in the mood Facebook already allows users to share their current mood along with status updates, so why not let advertisers use that information to learn more about their target audience? The mood of the potential customer is extremely relevant for advertisers, because for advertising to effectively affect consumers, the audience must have the right mindset to absorb the message. Facebook ads often lack the means (time and screen real estate) to set the tone for the audience and have to get straight to the point. Data can help advertisers tackle this from a different angle – instead of setting the right mood for an ad, they can send users ads that match their current mood. If the user’s status says: “took all night to finish writing my senior article – Feeling tireda coffee discount app like Cups can target users with ads and offer the perfect solution to the problem. Keep your enemies close It is widely known that businesses Phone advertising on Facebook should look very closely at their competitors. However, Facebook could allow brands to dig even deeper. Imagine if companies could spot users who “Disliked” a competitor’s Facebook page? This could be the perfect time for these businesses to take advantage of the opportunity and offer these users an alternative service they may find more satisfying. For example, T-Mobile may notice that someone has stopped following Verizon on Facebook. That could be a great time for them to target that person and present them with an ad that offers them a free trial of one of their services. Realizing users’ frustration with their competition could give T-Mobile a happy new customer. Special Day, Special Offer Just think of all the times you didn’t know what to give your loved one for their birthday. Well, Facebook has all the data to help both users and advertisers. Retailers can target people whose spouses, family members or friends have a birthday coming up and offer special offers based on their interests. For example, if your wife’s birthday is coming up next week and Facebook has information in its database that she is a fan of Pandora Jewelry (she “Likes” the brand’s Facebook page and has posted status about the new bracelet she bought at the store), Pandora can then target you with a special offer and help you find the perfect gift. Do you have any ideas of your own for Facebook targeting options based on the network’s user data?

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