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Every Successful Campaign Starts With A Good Brief

As a mobile marketing agency whose clients are some of the biggest global brands, it’s safe to say we know our stuff well. That may sound smug, but our expertise doesn’t come without plenty of failures and learning experiences. In terms of mobile marketing, we know what’s going on and what usually works. To ensure the best marketing results for our clients, we rely on thorough summaries. The brief – which the client fills out, with our support – is the starting point, setting the stage for all of our efforts. It is the “North Star” that guides us and gives life to the campaigns that we will run, including key information about the products we will be marketing, detailed information about the needs of the products, and more. product, market, USP, etc. A summary can lead to exceptional results, if done right. Otherwise, it could make both parties more confused. Read on for our best practices and tips on how to “jailbreak” a summary for best results.

Get Priority

It is important to make sure that you know what you want to achieve from your campaign. You may have several campaign goals, but the order in which they are important is important – especially when it comes to your #1 campaign goal.

For example, if your goal is to increase conversions for App Store downloads, then optimized App Store video is what you’ll be taking advantage of. If you try to use this video to talk about future in-app purchases at the same time, you’ll lose focus and achieve nothing. Even each creative should have only one main goal, and that goal should be extremely clear. If there are too many goals for a particular asset or activity, or if people don’t set and understand priorities from the outset, it can lead to problems down the road.

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Crazy, wild, out-of-the-box thinking

Mobile marketing has many technical limitations. For example, you have an app store screenshot size of 1125px × 2436px for iPhone X, or a landscape aspect ratio of 16:9 on the Google Play Store, for example. What we often see is that these limitations can hinder creative thinking. When making a brief, we recommend putting everything else aside and playing with crazy ideas. Throw some great thoughts around – go wild! We have lengthy brainstorming sessions with our team to come up with the best ideas. We then brought 2 team members into the room and presented them with the top 2 ideas that came up during our session. If they can’t “see it” almost immediately, then we drop the idea and start from the first square, until we pick a winner. As Canadian director Martin Villeneuve put it, “Problems are hidden opportunities and real difficulties that can spur creativity.”

Giveaway Full Story

Working with a marketing agency is a partnership and for best results it is important to provide as much relevant information to each other as possible. Things that seem less relevant to a customer – like the story of how a mobile app came to be – can be great material for a marketing agency to collaborate with, and vice versa. This also applies to product features. The key to impressive, unique marketing campaigns is an in-depth understanding of the product (yes, including any downsides), the platform, and all the other materials needed to provide context. scene.

Synchronization as expected

In the spirit of setting clear goals and priorities, it is important that through the summary, you stay in sync with expectations.

We’re not talking about budget expectations, but expectations around concepts and implementation. The marketing agency can come up with crazy initial ideas, while you are expecting the standard banner approach or vice versa. Use the summary to give a clear idea of ​​the approach you’re considering when it comes to the campaign, but keep an open mind. For example, sometimes a “classic” product is best served with a massive campaign. It’s really important to let your brand guide you, to have consistency in your product offering.

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Ignore what “Usually” has accomplished

A brief begins life as a (more or less) blank canvas, on which you as the customer, along with the marketing company, weave your magic. We therefore recommend that you ignore what has been done before, any preconceptions and industry standards, and approach the summary from a new angle. This can lead to some amazingly creative thinking from all sides and produce positive results when others are struggling. For example, if in an Instagram story you have to swipe up (instead of clicking on an ad that flips it to the next story), we’ll try to use animation to make something look like is “swiping up”. . It could be a bar that you need to swipe up, it could be something running away from you, it could even be a bottle opener that only works when you swipe up. The same goes for playing with a transparent background and not using the entire ad space to make something stand out and grab the user’s attention. All of this comes from fresh thinking and ignoring the conventional approach. When filling out the summary, leave all options open, keep an open mind and forget about “normal”. Here is an example of a logo we needed to “pop-up” and get more attention in the store:

Use summaries to achieve excellent results

The summary at the start of the campaign is the foundation from which everything else is leveraged. Usually, a great summary leads to a great campaign where all the goals are achieved. In our experience, the process of completing the brief turns out to be very valuable to the client as well; You need to be extremely focused on what makes you different, where your strengths and weaknesses lie, what your priorities are and what you hope to achieve. It may sound difficult at first, but it can help complete that brief and achieve far more than you could imagine.

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