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Dumped! 6 Reasons Why Users Deleted Your App

This post was originally published on Adweek. broken heart Looks like you just met yesterday at the App Store. They snooped on your cool screenshots, you made a great deal and an instant connection was made. But then, without warning, you wake up and realize they’re gone. You have been deleted. So put down the ice cream and tissues, and let you finish. Here are a few most likely reasons why your users keep going: “It’s not you, it’s me…” We can’t stress enough how important it is to expose your app to the right audience. Let’s be honest: if you give your product to the wrong people – they will probably never download it in the first place. However, let’s say someone, for some reason, did – that would be a short and pointless throw. It is extremely important to target the right groups for your app, to ensure that users will use it, and to ensure high user retention. “We are going in different directions” So do you think after the user clicks “install” – your job is done? Think. And one more time. Your work (and quite frankly ours) has only just begun. Starting now and until you’re fed up of being successful and famous, you’ll have to work hard to stay relevant at any given time. The real trick here, hard, is knowing how to do that without updating the version every other day – this will only annoy your users. Only significant improvements to your app will demonstrate a new version at the AppStore. However, there are still ways to invest in your app if you want it to stay up to date. “I don’t have time for this right now…” Honestly: Your app is a bit slow, isn’t it? Shame. Because your users (rightly) value their time, and unfortunately for you, your app is slowing down the very device they use as the clock. The only things users find more frustrating than a slow, buggy app are phone calls from their parents and the extent to which they’re stuck in Candy Crush. In fact, the most common reason to delete an app has to do with its technical performance. A slow app will cost you users – fast. “I need some space…” Your app is supposed to make users’ lives better and easier. If they spend too much time processing your push notifications – they will push you away before you know it. Undoubtedly, reaching out to them is important, but it is more important to do so in the right way. Similarly, the permissions requested by your app may have exceeded the limit. An app that should only act as an emergency flashlight doesn’t need to track the user’s location. If you ask for too much, you may end up with nothing. holding iPhone “Perhaps at another point in life…” There will be no difference. So sorry. In fact, users will only give your app two photos before deleting it forever. We don’t mean to pressure you (yes, we do), but keep in mind that your window of opportunity is very, very narrow. There is almost no room for mistakes. There’s another reason to ensure a great product from the start and to engage experts throughout the development process. “There’s another” Oh. Clumsy. Well, you know, we looked at the new app they downloaded and yours is much nicer. We promise. However, your users still find an option that seems more appealing, possibly more up-to-date. And so they proved the usual level of loyalty of the field – nothing. We fear that your popularity today does not guarantee you anything for tomorrow. Even a big hit like Angry Birds can get into serious trouble. You must pay attention to the changing trends of this fast and brutal market and constantly improve your product. The mobile world is truly mobile and it is moving very fast. So you better keep up. After thoroughly analyzing every word and reason, now is the time to bravely move on. Ensure that future users will remain loyal to your app for the right reasons. We realize that the standards set here are quite high, but your users will demand no less. The good news is that you don’t have to do this alone. Now pass the ice cream, it looks delicious.

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