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Automated Campaigns – Programmatic or Problematic?

While digital advertising has been with us for a while, Programmatic Media is the new kid on the block and yes, it’s on the rise. However, as a new feature, it is not yet fully available to everyone and everywhere. Different mediums offer different tools, some more advanced than others, essentially allowing advertisers to upload automated and machine-learning media campaigns. Programmatic media is a term that defines a campaign as a one-stop shop for media. The advertiser uploads all the banners, videos and/or text ads to the system, defines the target, sets the target CPA and budget and… she’s gone! The campaign will automatically continue and bring in the users the campaign deems valuable. The ultimate goal is to have minimal or zero advertiser interaction. So how does it work?


Google’s Universal App Campaigns started working online back in 2015 as a beta. Gradually, it evolved into a full-fledged Adwords operation, with new betas that will work for premium partners. As of October 2017, this is the only way to advertise towards mobile app installs on Google Adwords. Google puts all their eggs in the Universal App Campaigns basket. For advertisers, that means a simple and hard truth – if you’re not on Universal App Installs – you’re not on Google. The giant corporation has disabled the option to deliver mobile app installs on individual search, display, or video campaigns across Google’s networks. Therefore, if you want to promote your app on Google – you have to use Google’s automated machine learning campaign.

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Apple Search Ads only launched in October 2016 in the US and replaces iAd which has been phased out. This makes it the newest ad network among the tech giants. But, since we are talking about Apple, they have to be different and better, so things have changed a bit. In the last quarter of 2017, Apple announced the launch of Apple Search Ads Communication. Basically Apple’s machine learning campaign, and so it renamed the previous activity – Apple Search Ads High level.

While in the basic version there is a limited amount per campaign ($5,000) and it is simpler in nature, the advanced version has more options and settings that one can define in advance and changes in the campaign. Apple’s Basic Search Ads is similar to the Combined Search option, available in advanced campaigns, but requires much less setup. Both are equally good, and their use varies between advertisers and campaigns.


While Facebook doesn’t have a fully machine learning campaign (yet) yet, it does have an automated bidding option, which shows how it can be set up for a fully automated Facebook campaign and can be achieved. that in the not too distant future. -future. A fully automated Facebook campaign appeals to most advertisers, due to the fact that it reaches a wide range of users on Facebook feeds, messengers, or many other applications associated with the network. Facebook object. This is the most holistic way to reach an audience and try to engage them in their comfort zone. It’s safe to assume that once Facebook launches its engine, it will change the rules of the game. All of these examples don’t even take into account the many ad networks that already offer programmatic media purchases like Appnexus, Fyber, and many others. We believe it won’t be long before Facebook catches up with Google, Apple, and others, and offers a campaign that can choose its own ad types and which types to show in which locations, to bring back the best performance.

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What does the future hold?

Do these robo-ad campaigns perform better than humans? Will they replace advertisers in the future? In my opinion, the answer to these questions is a big decision ARE NOT. However, since these are complex questions and much to discuss, stay tuned for my next post!



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