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Are You Guilty of These 5 ASO Crimes?

There are many valid ASO methods that can increase your visibility in app stores. As you know, many of these strategies and techniques take time, patience, and huge amounts of knowledge. Over the past few years, we’ve seen many startups and brands try to “hack” the app store and implement alternative “creative” solutions to get their apps to the top. app store quickly. Some of these solutions are really helpful, but others can seriously affect your app’s rating. In this article, we highlight some common “tricks” that get startups and brands into trouble.


Crime: Fake Review Great app reviews will convince potential customers to download the app. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of users actually take time out of the day to rate the apps they love. As a result, many developers choose to “hack” app stores by buying reviews. This is not a good idea, as the app stores will most likely discover your methods and cause your app to drop significantly in the app store rankings or if indeed Unlucky, you may be fined a large amount. Solution: We recommend taking these legal approaches. Crime: Spam link building Many methods are considered spammy in the link building world. Linking to your application pages on blog comments and article directories is taboo. Also, we definitely don’t recommend buying links. If you’re not sure if a particular technique you’re practicing is spam, chances are it is. If you implement spammy link building techniques, chances are that Google will catch up and penalize your app in the rankings.

Solution: Run a PR campaign and get quality links to your app pages. After all, not all link building is spam. Crime: Add a competitor in your description

Adding direct and indirect competitors to your app description and Apple App Store keyword bank sounds like a great method to steal your competitors’ installs. Online and offline companies both take this approach by advertising where their competitors are located. Unfortunately for you, app stores will punish you if you include a competitor’s name in your ASO. Solution: Instead, include your competitors in your Google Adwords campaign. Crime: Keyword stuffing When you want to rank high for a keyword, you intuitively choose to place these specific keywords multiple times throughout your description. Yes, your intuition is deceiving you. Don’t do it, unless you want your app to crash, as app stores have been catching on to this trend for a long time. Solution: Create a great app description and place your chosen keywords in coherent, natural sentences. Crime: Maximize every character Google and Apple allow users to write 4000 character descriptions for their apps to be displayed on the app page. We’re not sure why these app stores allow such a long description, as apps that choose to maximize it rank lower in the app stores. Solution: No matter how much you need to write to create a strong and compelling story that convinces users to download your app. Final thoughts You work hard to develop your app and market it. The potential benefits of any of the methods we’ve formulated above don’t outweigh the risks. Instead, go back to the drawing board (or just read our blog) and think about other helpful ASO methods you can take to bring your app to the forefront. Good luck!

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