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Apple updates iPhone call screen but not everyone’s a fan

Tech giant Apple changed the call screen as part of its latest software update for the iPhone, but some customers are pointing out what they say are some major flaws.

As part of the iOS17 update, released in June 2023, a number of features have been introduced to make the phone more “personal and intuitive”, the company said on its website.

Among these are a “contact poster” where users can personalise contact profiles with photos, memojis and different fonts.

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A live voicemail option has also been included, offering people real-time transcription of their voicemails.

But there’s another feature that wasn’t mentioned in the company’s online update that customers who upgraded to iOS17 quickly noticed.

The call screen layout, which previously included an option to add a call, FaceTime, mute or put the call on speaker, has changed.

The red end-call button, which has been at the bottom of the phone’s screen for the last decade and a half, has been moved to the second row of icons.

The icons have also changed, with no option to head to contacts in the update, and both rows of icons at the bottom of the screen rather than the top.

Some customers believe the old design was much more practical, and criticised the call screen update for being inaccessible for people with disabilities and clunky for left-handed people.

“This violates the law of proximity. It’s too close to buttons that have “non-destructive” functions. Also, colour alone should not indicate meaning for accessibility,” digital developer Sean Walsh tweeted.

“The call end button on bottom-right corner simply doesn’t work on #iOS17 it’s much more natural to simply bring your thumb in the middle and tap to end a call. Why are you trying to become a bad version of android,” another person tweeted.

Some iPhone users warned the update could lead to people accidentally hanging up on phone calls, or FaceTiming someone.

“I have clicked FaceTime sooo many times trying to get the keypad,” one person tweeted.

But there were new features in the iOS17 update that people said they enjoyed.

The message app has been given a new “Check-In” feature that allows people to notify their contacts that they’ve arrived at their destination safely.

A new feature called NameDrop has also been included in the update, allowing users to easily share contact information by simply bringing their iPhones together.

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