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App Store Videos: Find Your Inspiration

There are some things that capture the user’s attention better than a great video. You may be scrolling through a social networking site or an app store when suddenly an incredible video catches your eye and makes you stop and pay attention.

We’ll be looking at different videos on the app store to help inspire you and give you some great ideas for your own videos.

Why app videos are so important

The stats around video performance are impressive:

  • 55% of players pay attention when watching video – more than any other type of content
  • Including video on landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80%
  • Consumers who watch an introductory video are 1.81 times more likely to make a purchase than those who don’t
  • Viewers retain 95% of the message when they view it compared to 10% when they read it

More than these statistics, however, is the fact that videos provide a great way to capture the attention of your potential users in your app listing.

First of all, a video doubles as a screenshot. In addition to the above benefits, it also allows you to showcase your app including how easy it is to use and what users have in store if they go ahead and try your app. Once you have overcome this hurdle, you are well on your way to success.

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Awesome App Store Videos

We looked at the top 3 apps in Apple’s App Store rankings, across both the Top Paid and Top Free categories. If an app doesn’t use video in their list, we’ve selected the next app to use.

Without access to the metrics and testing behind each of these videos, we couldn’t tell if these app videos were effective; e.g. whether they are good for conversation rate or not.

The aim is to give you different video ideas that are worth experimenting with.

Top Free Video App

1. Tomb of the Mask

Pre-played images: Arcade-style opening screen with rich color contrast, app names prominently displayed

What videos do: Video of gameplay in the app

User actions that the video encourages: “Tap to play”

What it offers: An action-packed view of how the game is played. Colorful flashing fast motion.

Tomb of the Mask’s App Store video

2. Hello Stars

Pre-played images: Lead with a catchy headline: “Don’t Let Me Sleep”

What videos do: Slow explanation of how the game works, with in-app gameplay

User actions that the video encourages: “Get it on the App Store”

What it offers: Emphasize the main difference of the game: the satisfaction of hitting the character with a water balloon by choosing the circle of the right size.

Video App Store by Hello Stars

3. Fortress

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Pre-played images: Protagonist

What videos do: Intersperses action gameplay in the game with splash screens that highlight key game features.

User actions that the video encourages: “Play with friends”

What it offers: Captivate users from the first second with fast-switching in-game scenes. Various splash screens with large text highlighting key game features

Fortnite App Store Videos

Top Paid App Videos


Pre-played images: Scenes in the game

What videos do: Shows how the gameplay looks like, along with some promotional video clips

User actions that the video encourages: “Gaming”

What it offers: Take advantage of the popularity of Minecraft and introduce different aspects of the game, including action and strategy elements. Use promotional footage as well as in-game footage to provide the most compelling case possible for new users

Minecraft’s App Store Videos

2. Facetune2

Pre-played images: A photo of a person

What videos do: Show highlights of what the app can help you achieve

User actions that the video encourages: “Download the app”

What it offers: In a perhaps exaggerated way, the video shows how users can benefit from using the app; Start with photos of people, then edit these to remove blemishes or sharpen features. It does not spend time on techniques (how to use different tools) but only focuses on the benefits of the application

Other Notes: Notice how the list of apps starts with a horizontal screenshot, but below there are rich videos in the “Take a closer look” section

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Video App Store of Facetune2

3. Bloons TD Match

Pre-played images: Screenshot from the game

What videos do: Introducing different aspects of the game, with cutscenes one after another

User actions that the video encourages: “Download now”

What it offers: Lots of color, movement and flicker as the video frantic takes the user through the different levels and types of challenges they may face

Bloons TD Battles App Store Video

Make the most of your videos

Hopefully these app videos taken from some of the App Store’s most successful apps will give you ideas and inspiration for your own app store videos.

Whether a video demonstrates the functionality of your app, showcases great gameplay, or engages users to learn more, video is one of the most important tools in driving your key metrics – so What really matters is getting it right!



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