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App Marketing: How to Perform Mobile App Competitor Research

“Know your enemy” is a popular saying for a good reason. While your competitors aren’t exactly enemies, it’s important to know and understand the apps that are competing for the attention of the people you want to engage with your user base. me. Before you start investing in professional app tracking services, here are a few things you can do to get to know your competition for free. Simply search The easiest way to find your competitors is to search the Google Play and Apple iTunes app stores for keywords and phrases that are most relevant to your app. The top 5 app store search results for each relevant keyword can be considered competitive apps and you should add them to your competitor list for further research. Just remember that you have different competitors in each local app store. So your competition in the US may not be your competition in Australia. Check Your Competitors’ Content You may want to download and install a competitor’s app to discover how its functionality compares to yours. The content of the app download page is equally important. Text, image, and video previews used by your competitors can provide you with valuable information and inspiration.

Ask yourself the following questions: How compelling is the image? What keywords and phrases does the competitor use in the app name and description? What style is the description written in? Do these effectively address the target audience? Most importantly, think about the features in your app that are missing or aren’t available in competing alternatives. These should be the main selling points of your app marketing strategy. Research reviews and ratings Read your competitor’s app reviews. What do users complain about the most? What features do they appreciate most about the competition? These can teach you quite a bit about what your audience expects and appreciates. Low user ratings on competing apps can be a great opportunity to implement smart app ratings in your apps to stay ahead of the competition. Read release notes The speed at which competitors’ apps update is an important factor, but the content of these updates is equally important. Read the release notes to discover what new features and improvements your competitors are adding to their apps. Time to go professional? Keeping up with the ever-changing competitive landscape of app stores is tough and the need for competitive research and competitor tracking is a must in most app categories. Promoting your app is a constant process of trial and error, but knowing your competition is where to start.

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