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5 Reasons Why You Need a Mobile Marketing Agency to Take Your App to the Top


Marketers are a resourceful crowd, but the enterprising attitude that got them this far is sometimes a problem. It’s a case of DIY optimization. Even smart marketers make the mistake of assuming common sense is enough to help them implement ASO on their own. The following lines will explain why mobile marketing experts are needed to achieve true ASO greatness.

1. ASO is more than just app store keyword research:

A common misconception is that all you need to do is find the right keywords to include in your app description. In reality, however, it’s not just a matter of choosing the right words, but also arranging them in the most effective order and including the top terms in the app title. But more importantly, getting your potential users to your app page is only half the battle. ASO is focused on creating engaging App Store experiences that will convince site visitors to download the app, and the creative process leading to the desired installation still requires humans, not just algorithms (well, at least). is in the present time).

2. You cannot rely on a single solution:

A recent study conducted by our team revealed strong contradictions in the results produced by each of the best ASO tools available. Marketers simply cannot rely on one particular tool and must do their keyword research using several platforms. And it’s not just the research aspect that has to involve different perspectives – every part of your ASO process should be based on serious A/B testing. You have to experiment with different keywords, titles, images, text, etc. You can do it all yourself – but it will most likely be the only thing you do.

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3. The magic never ends:

All done with keyword research, app page makeup, and heavy A/B testing? Great. Now all you need to do is… keep working on it…forever. The ASO process is an ongoing effort, one that requires regular monitoring, measurement, and adjustment. Neglecting to do proper maintenance will result in a sliding ranking position that will make your competitors extremely happy. The mobile arena is super dynamic and new apps, keywords, and tools are always to be considered. And let’s not forget that you have to keep up with the elusive algorithm of Google and Apple, the algorithm itself is enough to keep you very busy.

4. Content is still king:

Some marketers see their app description as the perfect place for keyword stuffing and drawing potential users to their app page only to lose them a second later. A great ASO tool can help you find the right keywords to include in your text (emphasis on “maybe”), but creating the right text using them is up to you. Another way you would use content is for link building, which can affect your rankings on Google Play. Content becomes an even more important part of the equation when considering deep linking, as apps with high-quality content will be better indexed on both Android and iOS 9. Invest in pages Richer apps, guest writing, commenting on relevant forums, and getting blogs to review your products are all great ways to promote your products – but without the tools Any ASO can help you do that.

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5. Understand your audience:

ASO platforms can assist you in tracking specific words, but you must first get to know your potential users and understand what they are looking for and expecting to find. It’s not just a matter of keyword suggestions – it’s a holistic approach to ASO that takes into account common mistakes and unknown tricks. After working with hundreds of apps, mobile marketing experts can come up with different ideas for you to use in your ASO workflow and ensure that no optimization issues are left behind. leave out.

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